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Today we have a great new supplier from right on our doorstep! Beautiful colours, meet amazing scenery in the watercolour paintings of Kimberly smith.
Born and bred in Aberdeenshire, Kimberly Smith spent a lot of her time growing up exploring and visiting all of the gems this part of the country has to offer. From huge castles to stunning coastal vistas, these all proved to be inspiration for her art. From a young age a love of drawing and painting emerged and has been present all through her education.
The paintings we see now started to emerge in 2016 while she was still at University and she hasn’t looked back. With help from the family, the business has thrived since and people all over the country and the world can now see the amazing artwork she produces.
KimberlyART truly does capture some of the best Scotland has to offer. Her castles are highly accurate depictions of these ancient structures down to the tiniest detail.
The sights and scenery of Aberdeenshire has also proven to be a constant source of inspiration as well. With so much natural beauty, this part of the world lends itself to be captured beautifully by her.
As well as scenery and landmarks, Kimberly has done some amazing paintings of Scotland’s distilleries both from the islands and mainland. 
At Kilts Wi Hae, KimberlyART has pride of place at the front door of the shop. We want people to see what the local area has to offer both in terms of scenery and creativity and it really shows! You can take a look at the full range on offer at the link here.

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