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We all need the essentials in our lives, wallets, purses, bags and even glasses cases! On our Supplier Spotlight this week we take a look at a great wee company who specialises in all of the above and more! Read on to learn about Mala Leather.
 Mala Leather Grey Slate Abertweed Tab Purse Wallet With RFID Protection
Mala Leather has only been around since the late 2000s but since then they have strived to create some amazing products for use in any and all situations from work to home! As they say “For us it’s all about quality- quality leather, quality design and quality customer service”.
Mala Leather Harry The Grey Silver Scone Cat Kitten Key Fob Keyring 
Mala have a huge range of leather products. The fabric and material are all ethically sourced. As well as this, they create a truly quality product, with an aim to make it last for years to come. Plenty of love and time are poured into them! 
If you like quirky then you’ll love Mala! They have some great designs that are fun and eye-catching.
 Large Mala Mimosa Butterfly Flap Purse Wallet Grey or Pink with RFID Protection
For the lovers of all things Scottish they’ve got some brilliant Cow designs.
 Mala Leather Blue 'Bella' Scottish Highland Cow Coo ID / Card Holder Wallet - RFID Protected
There is also the ever-popular Dachshund! This one is a favourite among our customers.
 Mala Pink Grey Black Leather Dachshund Dog Puppy Glasses Specs Case
At Kilts Wi Hae, we’ve seen many people love the great bits and bobs from Mala! You can pick something up for yourself at the link below!

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