Summer In The Shire - June & July 2022

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Oh BOY have we had a busy Summer so far...
We thought last year was a screamer with all of our rearranged weddings after the pandemic caused a sea of cancellations but just as many moved to this year and it would seem that many have decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it themselves.
As they rightly should! Just like we've gone for it and are almost ready for our big office and packing room shake up!
But until then...Let's use this time to say a big congratulations to all of our amazing couples from these last 2 months!
First up we have Brian & Debbie who shared their special day on the 25th of June at the New Inn at Ellon.
Next is Aaron & Alannah...This fab couple were at Meldrum house for their wedding on the 1st of July and don't they both look fantastic!
On the same day were John & June Brown who tied the knot at The Barn At Barra, beautiful venue for a beautiful couple!
Next day on the 2nd we had Jim & Debbie who had their big day at The Palm Court Hotel, congrats guys!
Now, on the 8th of July we had Susan & Neil... our own Bob's Mum and new step dad had a beautiful service at Pittodrie House just outside Inverurie!
July 9th brought together Richard & Elaine! Congrats to the Harrisons!
On the 15th Kevin and Vikki were wed! Check them out rocking the classic Royal Stewart and Prince Charlie!
Taking a quick break from weddings...Lindsay has signed for the dons for a large undisclosed fee and will be joining the team as captain for the 22/23 season! Only joking! We were invited for a photoshoot at the famous Pittodrie stadium through the By Official Appointment programme. But she definitely would have definitely gotten a few goals! 
Back to weddings! On the 22nd Nick & Laura got hitched and not a moment too soon!
The same day saw Peter and Gemma marry at Netherdale house! Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Zanre!
Ronnie & Yvonne were next on the 23rd who had their special day at The Dons home of Pittodrie Stadium! No cards were shown so must have been a quiet day on the pitch!
Also on the 23rd, James & Kim took to the Beach Ballroom to celebrate their wedding! They managed to get some beautiful snaps down at the beach too!
The 30th of July saw Shannon & Scott become Mr & Mrs Fuerst!
Last but not least of course we had our two fave boys Chris & Stuart get married and have the absolute best day of their lives!
We will have plenty more throughout August but for all of our amazing couples,
we wish you happy and healthy lives together and all the best from Kilts Wi Hae!
Until next month folks! Enjoy a happy and sunny August!
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