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Kilt hire is one of the more fun aspects experienced by couples when it's time to choose the wedding suppliers. Picking tartans, jackets, everything. It's probably the simplest part if we do say so!

We like to take this concept and flip it on its head making things even simpler. Most larger establishments will get all the boys in at once, crowd around and have you seen to within an hour with no real conversation. THEN, you'll pick up your outfits a day before or even the same day as the wedding. This is not how we operate.

At Kilts Wi Hae, we will see you, the groom, or both you and your partner walking you through the hire process one on one. You'll browse our tartan samples, choose a jacket, find accessories to match your outfit and everything else you'll need to make yourself look fab!

In addition to this, you can choose what your party will be wearing. Whether you'd like to have them matching you from head to toe or have them with different accessories to make the groom stand out...It's your wedding and you can have it any way you like...within reason!

Once you have decided on all the finer details, the party can then come in at their leisure to be measured up for their outfits.

Here is where we differ the most from other kilt hire suppliers. We will call you all in individually to try your whole outfit on a week before the wedding. With this method, we can make any last minute adjustments needed to outfits or if, worst case scenario, something doesn't fit then we can supply you with garments that do fit.

We find this extra time is a huge benefit as we have heard many many horror stories over the years of people with hires who have picked up their outfits on the wedding day or the day before and things just don't fit! If we had a pound for every time we've heard that we could all retire!

Another benefit of this approach means that you can get your outfit a week before the event so there's no rushing about at the last minute to get your gear and get to the chapel! This approach also applies to our individual hires. We'll see you, measure you, see what you'd like then a week before the wedding, have you back in again to try everything on.

One final bit of difference...the day after the wedding. We understand that the last thing many people may want to do is drag themselves out of bed and come out to our shop to return a haphazardly packed away kilt. With weekend weddings we're happy for you to return on Monday or Tuesday so you can get a bit of rest and recouperation.

And that is what makes us different from all the rest! We must be doing something right...we wouldn't be award winning if the system didn't work!

Choose Kilts Wi Hae for your wedding kilt hire and you won't go wrong!

Book an appointment online here or give us a call on 01651 869339.

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