Traditional Scottish 4 Inch Pewter Toasting Quaich Inset with Polished Ox Horn

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This wonderful polished pewter toasting quaich has a 4 inch diameter bowl perfect size for a wee dram or two.

Inset with a stunning piece of polished ox horn this is a quaich with a twist.

Quaich is a Scots rendering of the word 'cuach', meaning cup.

Traditionally, a Quaich is used for dispensing whisky.

Excellent for welcoming visitors or bidding farewell, it has kept its beautifully simple shape and friendly purpose.

Dimensions: 4 Inch Diameter Bowl with 1 Inch Handles (lugs) and is 1 Inch deep.

Metal: Pewter Made in the UK

Please note as with all horn products each flask will vary as each piece of horn is as unique as the Ox it originate from.