Thistle Piper Drummer Goodyear Welted Ghillie Brogues Comfortable Durable

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These brogues were developed by listening to what pipers wanted in a brogue.

What did they want? Comfort and durability. 

The smooth leather has a waxy finish to improve protection against weather, although this can’t make them waterproof of course.

For standing or marching on all types of terrain, it was decided the commando style rubber sole would be the best option.

This sole is attached using the Goodyear Welted method of construction which adds a leather welt and stitches it to the upper and underneath of the shoe, adding extra weather protection.

This method is the mark of a well-made shoe and it also lets a good shoe repair shop replace the sole and heel when needed.

The heel is rubber on the top layer and then a steel cleat is hand screwed into the corner.

This improves durability but also makes that necessary clicking noise when the piper is marching.

Inside, there’s a deeper than usual cushioned insole, and it’s in leather for breathability.

There’s also some padding around the top of the shoe where it meets your ankle and your heel.

There’s really nothing else that could be done to improve this brogue, whether you are a piper or not.