Stunning Handcrafted Oxhorn Square Styled Rhodium Cufflinks

Stunning Handcrafted Oxhorn Square Styled Rhodium Cufflinks

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Understated and elegant, these refined Oxhorn Rhodium cufflinks make the perfect present

As a member of the Platinum group, Rhodium is particularly suitable for jewellery as it creates a surface that is resistant to scratches and tarnish.

Small slivers of cow horn are then chosen for their unique colour and pattern, highly polished by hand before they are inlaid into the square shaped case.

The classic yet timeless design of this simple square cuff-link will add a touch of class to your professional attire and provide the perfect opportunity for a modest touch of personal expression.

The swivel barrel design should be threaded through the buttonholes then turned to create a T-shape to secure the cufflink to the cuff and are suitable for either "kissing" or "barrel" style cuffs.

These decorative fasteners make a perfect accessory for a formal dinner or as a wedding gift to say a special thank you to the father of the bride or your best man.

Each piece is as original as the horn that it is made from, no two sets are ever the same. A completely unique set of cufflinks.

Measure 17mm by 17mm