Scottish Deerskin Designer Leather MacLeod Check Harris Tweed Large Tote Bag

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These superb quality, hand-made handbags come in a choice of Authentic Harris Tweeds.

They are lovingly made by the Barrhead Kid Leather Company of Scotland, who specialise in the tanning of Wild Scottish Deerskin.

Fine leather, however, does not need to be consumed to be appreciated, lasting for well over a hundred years.

There are less than half a dozen tanneries left in Scotland, and this tannery is the only one processing wild Scottish deerskin.

All skins are traceable and come from estates using fully-trained, registered stalkers, monitored by the Deer Commission For Scotland.

This traditional blue and green MacLeod tartan check bag is fantastic.

A very tactile and durable bag, crafted to the highest standards using time honoured techniques.

Featuring three small leather internal pockets, reinforced leather base, fully lined and secure top zip closure this bag is the ultimate in authentic Scottish craftsmanship.

A versatile, durable bag made to the very highest standards.

Here at Kilts Wi Hae we absolutely love all things Barrhead Leather, the quality is superb.

Composition: Hand-made Wild Scottish Deerskin leather and Pure Harris Tweed woollen 'bonded' fabric.

Dimensions: 30cm wide x 24cm high x 14cm deep.

Double leather handle straps measure 50cm in length also includes detachable 105cm adjustable over the shoulder strap.