Pewter and Ox Horn Toasting Quaich - Traditional Scottish Whisky Bowl

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Delectable Horn and Pewter Quaich made from Oxhorn by skilled horn carvers.

With beautiful pewter celtic knot engraved rim and handles this is a stunning quaich.

Using traditional methods that have remained largely unchanged for the last 250 years, these quaichs have a timeless beauty.

The texture of the horn itself invites both appreciation and enthusiasm for the ancient craft of horn carving.

With their distinctive markings and superb sheen, they are distinctive enough to be used simply for display but versatile enough to be used for the whisky supping purpose of their design.

In a world where so much is artificial, horn serves as a reminder of just how superb natural products can be.

With each Quaich be as unique as the horn it was made from this is a perfect original gift which will be admired by all.

Large : measure 190mm from handle to handle.

With a 4 Inch (10cm) Diameter bowl Small : measures 100mm from handle to handle, with a 2 inch (5cm) Diameter bowl

Note: Each quaich is as unique as the horn that it is made from and will not have exactly the same horn pattern as shown in the picture.

If you would prefer are darker or lighter bowl then please ask, we will do our best to oblige but cannot guarantee.