Glencairn Whisky Glass " A Wee Dram"

Glencairn Whisky Glass " A Wee Dram"

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For those that are serious about their whisky (or whiskey), you cannot go wrong with the Glencairn Whisky glass. It has been developed in conjunction with the whisky industry, and has become the official Scotch whisky glass, found in distilleries and bars across the land.

This beautiful glass has " A Wee Dram" engraved on the side.

Champagne, Brandy, Wine… each has its own glass. Yet whisky, the worlds most complex spirit can be found served in anything from hiball tumblers to Paris goblets.

In 2001 Glencairn Crystal solved the problem of identifying the ideal glass for whisky. Designed by Raymond Davidson nearly 25 years earlier its development involved pulling together the master blenders from the five largest whisky companies and asking them to perfect his initial design.

The result was The Glencairn Glass, a glass for whisky… finally.

Designed to help educate the consumer and encourage the average whisky drinker to enhance the experience through nosing their whisky. The design received the Queens Award for Innovation and went onto receive numerous marketing awards.

Today the glass can be found in use by every distillery in the UK & Ireland and many more around the world, from craft distillers in the USA to Far East brands such as Kavalan. The design has proven to be so successful that other leading spirit brands have since adopted it.

The glass's roots lie in the traditional nosing glasses used by master blenders around the world. But the shape of the Glencairn glass has been developed with care. Its tapered mouth allows for ease of drinking, and also captures the aromas, whilst the wide bowl allows for full appreciation of the whisky's colour. It also has a solid base, designed to be comfortable to hold.

We wouldn't drink our whisky in anything else!

Available as a single glass or in sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8.

The glasses are all individually wrapped

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