Argyle Gents Highland Country Dancing Shoes Pumps Noene Shock Technology

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The Argyle Highland Dancing Pump designed and made in Scotland by Thistle Shoes.

This is our gentleman’s dancing ghillie.

The style has a soft black leather upper with a front seam and loop.

There is an extra eyelet at the ankle for better support.

The sole unit is soft and flexible chrome suede.

The insoles are fitted with the highest quality shock dispersion unit that absorbs 98% of the shock, helping to prevent injuries such as shin splints.

The argyle is left and right lasted to give more of a generous fit.

The pumps come with a cotton shoe protector bag. NOENE SHOCK TECHNOLOGY YOUR GUARANTEE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY PROTECTION NOENE is the ultimate shock absorption and dispersant system, absorbing about 98% of the shock which, in turn, helps to relieve and rule out back pain, tendinitis and repetitive strain injuries. It has also passed the strictest tests to become a Class 1 medical device, the only shock dispersing insole to do so, which means it has proven medical benefits.

Available from a children’s size 10 up to an adult size 10, including all half sizes.

Includes cotton shoe protector bag.

Sizing: Argyle Highland dance pumps are designed to be a tight fit, if you are an amateur or prefer a comfort fit we would recommend a half size up from your regular shoe size.

For children we always recommend a size up to give a comfort fit and growing space.

• If you are unsure of the shoe size you require, we recommend that you draw around your foot on a plain piece of paper and measure between its two longest points (Heel to Big Toe) in millimetres.

Choose the Size corresponding to that measurement in the Drop-down menu. e.g 22cm - 220mm

How to Draw • Place the foot (in sock) on a blank piece of paper and draw around it, ensuring the pen/pencil is held vertically.

• Draw a line along the foot from the two most extreme points (heel to toe) and measure.

Clearly mark in CM’s the length of the foot.

• Please also measure around the joint of your foot (the widest part) to estimate if you are a standard or wide fitting.

Our standard fitting is 22.5cm and our wide fitting is 24cm.

The shoe will stretch to a small degree around the width of the foot over a period of time but should not stretch length wise so please chose the correct size.

If we do not have your size listed in stock or you would like a custom pair made, maybe you have a wide or narrower foot, please contact us directly and we will get a pair made up for you - this can take approximately two weeks.

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