Other Kilt Services

We offer a range of other kilt services as well as creating and hiring outfits. We're your one stop shop for all things Highlandwear!


Lindsay, our super talented boss and Kilt Maker can work wonders with a kilt! Should you need it taken in, up, out, down, new straps, buckles, or anything else we can help you out.

Book an alteration appointment here.

Cleaning & Pressing

We've all been there. Sauce down the front of your kilt, wine on the waistcoat, It happens!

Just pop in with your bits, and we will be happy to give your Highland outfit a good steam clean.

Custom Made Sporrans

Should nothing on our extensive wall of sporrans catch your eye, then we can arrange for a new sporran to be built from the ground up.

Come in past the shop and we can help to build the perfect pouch.