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Nowadays we spend a lot more of our time online, where you may or may not have seen a lot of brilliant artwork. There are some very talented people in this world but too often, many brilliant artists are pushed to the side by established figures or just simply don’t get the opportunity to showcase their work. That’s where today’s supplier comes in. Wraptious.
Wraptious Katherine Williams Blue Splatter Scottish Highland Cow Coo Coaster Table Mat
Wraptious started in 2013 when their founder Simon had a stall in Manchester that blew away after a few hours of trying to sell his art. Hardships like these are what independent artists face every time they try to be noticed. Persevering, Simon eventually founded Wraptious, a business focused on both the artists themselves and a sustainability. They stock the art of over 50 independent artists and have supported 1000s more! Allowing some people to get the start they may not have had on their own!
Wraptious Katherine Williams Splatter Loved Up Owl Coaster Table Mat
As well as supporting artists, Wraptious also heavily supports many eco causes. They use sustainable resources, eco-conscious packaging and also are helping in the fight to end modern slavery. Through their partnership with Trees for the Future, they plant 3 Trees for every purchase!
.Katherine Williams Stag cushion wraptious
We’ve chosen to stock a few of these great artists including, Adam Barsby with his quirky cow designs.
Adam Barsby Highland Cow Coo Clock Wraptious
Bells Scambler who creates amazing pieces in a variety of mediums.
Kat baxter who creates beautiful floral animals.
Sue Gardner, who creates very colourful animal portraits and has already shown to be one of the best selling artists in the shop so far!
We don’t just only stock this bunch of latened people; we’ve also got a few more that you can see on our site!
At Kilts WI Hae we’ve only just started to stock Wraptious products but knowing that the artists themselves are looked after is a bonus! Look out for more from them in the future! You can browse the full range and all the individual artists at the link here.

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