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You might be wondering why in the world you should choose us for your kilt or gifts over any of our big brand, big name, high street competitors. What could we possibly have to offer that they don’t?

For starters, its in the name, kilts! Wi hae them! Lindsay came from humble beginnings, 12 years ago in 2008 when she took to the task of kilt making for her family and friends in and around the village of Newmachar. After word of her quality kilts got to the general public, expansion was in order. Opening in 2012, what was a small home business became a booming wee business with a thriving online presence.

People noticed immediately upon entry to the shop just outside Newmachar that they weren’t like the others. The friendly and personal touch given to new and old customers. A quick look around was all that was needed to cement the fact that this wasn’t an ordinary gift shop, this was something special.

But just saying they’re special isn’t enough evidence. The fact is that Kilts Wi Hae offers its patrons a huge range of hand crafted, quality gifts for any occasion. A visitors car park, and her husband Dan’s business; The Classic Watch Buyers Club on site as well.

We take massive pride in our kilt hire service. Unlike our competitors, we offer the full package, from shirts to socks to sporran at one fixed price. Included in this service is collection up to a week before your event so we can make sure everything is ship shape and you look spiffing for you big day! With 19 different tartans available for hire giving you a broad spectrum to choose from. well as this you can extend your hire at a minimal cost.

Be it a wedding, dinner or dance, choose us! Pop in and take the misery out of kilt hire!



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