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With the growth of internet shopping and large department stores filling the high streets, it can be very tempting to shop using the most convenient option, but shouldn’t we be making a more conscientiousness effort to shop locally from smaller, family-run businesses?
Supporting local businesses allows you to boost the local economy. It is thought that 63% of every £1 spent at a local shop is then reinvested in that area’s economy and in other local businesses – this allows the local area to thrive and develop.
Many smaller, local businesses try to promote local products and suppliers, and sell goods produced in the country they will be sold in. Many local, smaller shops sell goods which are made by local artists and crafters and business people. Shopping locally allows you to support the talent of local people’s work and enjoy local produce. This reduces the costs of a product as their is less importing and transporting costs. With less travel, harm to the environment is reduced.
Another incentive for shopping locally from smaller businesses is their variety in goods and services they provide. Small companies don’t tend to stock the same products as larger businesses as they wouldn’t be able to match their price point. This ensures smaller, local businesses are providing customers with a great range of unusual and exciting products. If you love shops that provide a quirky, varied range of products, most local shops will be perfect for you.
Small, local businesses start out as somebody’s dream! When you shop from the local businesses in your area you are helping support local entrepreneurs dreams.
When we shop from a local business we will be served by people who know the area, know their products and will offer a personal service. Often, the people working in the small, local shops are relatives or friends or the owners themselves so they will do their best to create a pleasant shopping experience for their customers.  Often local shops hire local people giving many people job opportunities and ensuring many customers are welcomed by a familiar face.
Next time you contemplate clicking on your favourite big-name branded website, check out the shops in your local area instead. Chances are you can find a great alternative or the same product just on your doorstep which will not only benefit your shopping experience but also help support your local community.

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