RFID Protection & What It Means For You

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In the late 2000s we were introduced to the timesaving miracle of contactless payments. We could now go on our merry way tap tap tapping whatever and wherever we like! It’s not an understatement to say that this was a great development, making it a lot easier to get on with our day to day lives and get shopping done in a flash. Of course with new advancements there’s always downside or two…
We can all attest to tapping a bit too much not knowing how much we were spending but worse was the threat of thieves. Anyone with your card could then buy whatever they wanted without impunity (at least only up to £30 a time!) However a new digital threat emerged with thieves being able to take card readers, hold them to your wallets and take what they liked! With the chancellor’s budget announcing that the limit will now be £100 you can guarantee someone will be willing to take advantage of those unprepared for this type of fraud to happen.
Contactless cards work via RFID or Radio frequency identification. An RFID chip embedded in the card is what allows card readers to scan your information and charge you accordingly. In theory, a thief could clone your details from a single reading of your card and then what? Numerous calls to the bank, panic, worry, stress and an account with no funds.
You may be wondering, why is a wee Aberdeenshire kilt hire and gift shop telling me all this? Well we here at Kilts Wi Hae want to tell you that we don’t want to see our beloved customers being scammed out of their hard earned cash by an opportunist who wants to take advantage of a good person. We care about you all and that’s why we’d like to tell you all that we are here to help!
We have a vast amount of wallets, purses and even bags that contain RFID protection. This means that if anyone tries to clone your data or steal your money through your pocket then it simply cannot be done. RFID blockers built directly into the fabric prevent any radio waves from coming in or out. With these, you and your data are safe as houses.
 Cactus Canvas & Leather Flap Overshoulder Travel Bag Purse RFID Protection Grey
For the ladies we have the lovely Mala range of purses. All in lovely quirky colours with beautiful designs that will make you stand out with your mind at ease at the same time. Just don’t lose it!
Blue 'Bella' Scottish Highland Cow Coo Flap Over Purse Wallet RFID Protection 
For the gents, we have plenty of brown and black leather for that smart and standout look. Plus card wallets if you’ve go plenty to protect!
Cactus Mens Canvas Wallet Mala Brown Leather with RFID Protection With Coin Pocket 
You can find our whole range at the link here or below. If you wish to find out more about RFID than the brief outline then you can read up on all the facts here.

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