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As we approach the end of the January, it’s time to reflect back on what we’ve managed to achieve. With the New Year there’s always the resolutions. Those things that we always say we’ll keep but never actually do “I’m going to remember to be early every day for work this year!” and then proceed to never be on time the remaining 334 days of the year. Or the absolute classic “I’m going to lose weight this year!” then comes a bad week at work takeaway, umpteen birthday suppers, a night at the pub here and a lunch catch up there and before you know it, it’s Christmas again. We’re all in the same boat so there’s no shame!


Interestingly enough, studies show that we’ve tended to move away from simple resolutions like these onto much more personal matters like working on your mental health rather than physical or to try and learn something new on your own. It does make you think that self-care has become much more important thing in our lives, as well it should be! If you don’t look after yourself, no one else will.


On a personal note, at the shop we’ve got a few different resolutions of our own. One of us has gone vegetarian and is doing very well, no faltering as of yet! Our newest member of staff’s resolution was to get a job and that seems to be working out well…


It seems to be the easiest way to keep your resolution going is to keep things simple. First things first, just have one and make it a good fit for you. The prospect of multitasking is always an annoyance, so why not make things easy on yourself and stick to one target. There’s no sense in finally going and getting that gym membership while still thinking about how much you wanted to learn to fish. If your resolution is outwith the norm for you then incorporate it into your daily routine. You’ve got an hour for lunch? Then use it for a run! It seems simple when it’s written down but putting the plan into motion is always just daunting. If you keep it up and push yourself, the feeling of knowing you’ve bettered yourself with your own willpower will be more than enough of a reward. But saying that, there’s nothing stopping you rewarding yourself with more sweet or savoury things. We won’t tell anyone!


There’s a tendency to regard these things as superfluous after the fact. To realise there’s been little to no progress over January so why even keep going? The main reason to soldier on is the promise. If you can’t keep a promise to yourself then can you say that you can keep a promise to a friend or a relative? I say, if you’ve faltered then keep going. Keep yourself busy with your resolution, read those books you’ve been meaning to. Be the designated driver for once. Most importantly, treat yourself right.


You might be asking, "What can we do to help you with you resolution?" Well if you find yourself losing that couple of pounds and your tartan is hingin' aff yee then we can offer alterations at great prices. If you've been putting off getting an alteration or hire for the big day then we encourage you to get off the sofa and come in past! our highly proffesional services are no nonsense and we won't keep you waiting about for ages but guarantee you the most enjoyable experience. We take the boredom out of kilt hire!

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Here's to the rest of 2020!

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