Need a Kilt - Buy or Hire?

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It can be very difficult to decide whether making the investment of buying a kilt is worthwhile or whether you should continue hiring time and time again.

Hopefully, this blog will help show you the benefits of buying your own custom-made kilt and how it is worth every penny in the long run. For its value for money, individuality, the way it fits and makes you feel, there are so many great reasons to buy your own kilt.

Price: To have the privilege of wearing a kilt you must make some investment, whether you are hiring or buying a custom-made kilt. Depending on how frequently you wear a kilt, you may end up saving a substantial amount of money if you buy a kilt rather than hire. If you wear a kilt more than approx. four times in your life then chances are you will save money by buying your own kilt. A kilt outfit can cost up to £100 each time you hire. This can be a fairly substantial cost for an outfit you will only get to wear once. Once you’ve paid for a custom-made kilt, all your costs are covered and you have the opportunity to wear the outfit as often as you wish!

Time: It can be time consuming travelling, having a fitting done and then spending more time a few weeks later trying on the kilt, picking it up and returning it to your kilt hire shop. However if you buy your own kilt, you will only have to go through the fitting and pick up process once.

Choice: Most kilt shops and hire departments only stock a small selection of tartans for hire. This can be restricting for customers and mean you may have to opt for a tartan due to availability rather than your own personal preference. When you buy a custom-made kilt, the shop should offer to source you any tartan you wish. With too many tartans to count, this will give customers an amazing selection and you will be able to have any tartan you wish whether that be a special family tartan or one simply because you think it looks great.

Fit: A custom-made kilt will be made to your exact measurements. Putting on a piece of clothing that fits so perfectly will not only make you look great, but feel great as well. As the garment is being made specially for you, if there are any adjustments that need to be done, your kilt maker will ensure the outfit is made to your exact specifications and requirements before they give it to you. All our body shapes are likely to change slightly as we go through different stages of life. Kilts are designed to be altered when necessary to ensure a great fit for a lifetime. Should you lose or gain weight a kilt can be rebuilt to your new shape without the need to purchase a new kilt. A kilt will last you a lifetime.

Durability: Kilts are made from high quality wool tartans and by skilled kilt makers, the great quality of a kilt will ensure that your kilt lasts the test of time.

Outfit: A kilt outfit is not complete without a stunning jacket, sporran, shoes and accessories. All these garments are available in a range of styles, colours and designs to suit all budgets and tastes. The brilliant variety will allow you to add key pieces to your kilt outfit to update it and change the look of your outfit over time.

Heirloom: A kilt is not only an investment for you, it can be a great heirloom you can pass on to family when you no longer need it. This gesture will allow your nearest and dearest to create more special memories in the exact same outfit that you have enjoyed so much previously.

If you are looking to buy a kilt contact us to arrange an appointment, we will be more than happy to help you create your perfect outfit!

Still not convinced? There are still lots of great hire options to choose from. Our hire department has an amazing choice of 25 tartans to choose from, along with a stunning choice of jackets and accessories to complete the look.

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