How to Wear your Kilt

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Do you know how to wear your kilt properly? If you know someone wearing their kilt for the first time, you can send them this handy post to help them out :) Our aim is to tidy up those that have a tendency to look like a sack of spuds !

Make sure you get your pants on first, yes, underpants, underwear, if you don’t your going to look mighty silly if you trip over – cover your bits with a pair.

Pop on your socks next, they are just like football socks, get them right up & slip those garter flashes on, they go directly under your knee in the smallest part & then fold the sock over the top.

Next, your sgian dubh, it slides into your sock up to the hilt, you put that in the sock on the side you write with.

Now the shoes, start by crossing the two laces as usual and pull tight. Twist the laces three times. Then pull tight again to produce a vertical thong about one inch long. Pass the laces round behind your ankle, and tie at the outside with the remaining lace and toggle left to dangle.

Now slip your shirt & tie or cravat on, hopefully you won’t find that bit too tricky! All our cravat / ruche ties are pre -tied so no need to take lessons via you tube.

Next – the most important bit – The kilt, the main thing is that the kilt waist has to sit above your belly button, place the pleated section to your back, take the right front side of the kilt by the strap & place across the front of your body & push the leather strap through the waist hole on the left side of the kilt & pull tight, put the buckle through the strap, note the hole number. Now take the left side of the kilt & place across the front of your body, push the top leather strap through the top buckle on the right side & in the same numbered hole as the inside strap.

The next thing for the kilt is to ensure that is centred on your body, in the main all kilts have a symmetrical pattern.

Sporran is next, there are two straps on the sporran like a giant watch strap, on the kilt there are normally two belt loops & each one of the straps goes through the rear of the kilt loops & fastens like a watch strap. The sporran centres up to the kilt & the top of the sporran should be around 4 inches (10cm) below the top of the kilt, or when you get the waistcoat on, should be about an inch below the bottom of the peaks. If you wear a belt, then the sporran should be about an inch (2.5cm) below the bottom of the belt.

Next is an easy peasy bit – pop the waistcoat on & fasten the buttons, slipping the jacket on next. If you need to fasten the jacket, then the correct button to do on a three button jacket is to fasten the centre button. To top off your outfit then fold your hankie into a triangle and pop into your top pocket for a little added bling.

Best of all is when you collect your kilt outfit, come into the store & try it on before your function, that way you ensure that

1. It fits

2. You know how to wear it

3. You have a smooth & easy function.  Kilt issue free partying until the early hours.

4. Every woman on the planet loves you ;) 


We hope you have found this helpful – and if you have any queries please get in touch

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