Heathergems Supplier Spotlight

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Supplier Spotlight

Perhaps one of our most curious items we stock is the beautiful range of Heathergem products. If you want a truly unique piece of jewellery then these are for you.
A now worldwide Scottish business, they started in the 1950’s with 4 gentlemen in a workshop. This is where the process was refined with beech wood but not for jewellery, for flooring tiles! A long way away from what they would become a few years later. Unfortunately the idea didn’t take off entirely. In the late 60’s/early 70’s the process came back when Hugh Kerr refined the process using heather. He partnered with Glasgow accountant Charles Buyers who put his money behind the idea allowing Charles to open a factory in East Kilbride. 9 years later they moved to Blair Atholl in Perthshire to be in the highlands.
After the death of both Charles and Hugh the factory was moved again to Pitlochry, where it would stay. Soon after they would set up a shop onsite as well as being able to stock to shops across the world!
Heathergems are beautifully hand crafted bespoke pieces that would make a very special gift for anyone. Products range all the way from brooches to golf tees and earrings to kilt pins! Every item has a unique gem made from Perthshire heather. Collected from the hills and glens, it is then treated by cutting it down to size, washing it and dying it to give it its amazing colour. They are compressed into blocks and cut into individual shapes where they then go on to be sanded, filed and shaped and lacquered to give them their signature shape and enhance the visual appeal of every gem. Finally they’re placed carefully into mounts to complete the look.
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