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Have you ever longed for a whisky by the fire? To sit with not a care in the world enjoying the amber glow of both the burning embers and the swirling sloshing of the nectar in your hand. This is what Glencairn Crystal wants for you. To be living your best life and enjoying fine whisky in one of their specialised glasses.
Glencairn Crystal has been one of the world’s foremost suppliers of crystal glassware for over 30 years. Supplying for both corporate and public use. Based in East Kilbride, they pride themselves on remaining a family business and still making their glassware by hand, from scratch. Firing, blowing, shaping, engraving, it’s all done within their studio. They aim to keep the buying experience a simple yet enjoyable one. To use their own words’ “We treat everyone with the respect and warmth a family would demand.”
From decanters to glasses, Glencairn have a vast range of uniquely styled and sculpted products. But their crowning glory is their own creation: The Glencairn Whisky Glass.
A question was posed, why does whisky not have its own special glass? Beer has the stein, champagne has flutes, gin has goblets and brandy has snifters just to name a few. But Scotland’s, and now one of the worlds most loved beverages doesn’t have a specialised glass of its own. Go to a bar and you could be served in any manner of inappropriate vessel. The company’s founder, Raymond Davidson, took it upon himself to create what would become the foremost glass for whisky.
Taking cues from sherry glasses, and with the help of Master Blenders of the Scotch Whisky Industry, the resulting design was narrow at the top and very wide at the bottom. This shape means that the drinker will have to tip the glass at quite a high angle thus letting them appreciate the nose of the whisky itself and encouraging a better drinking experience. The large bowl shape at the bottom meant the colour could shine through and allowed for addition of water to a 35ml measure.
The glass itself was a huge hit, being seen in bars and homes internationally. Given the Queen’s award for innovation and selling over 3 million units a year. It really was just what the whisky industry needed.
The Glencairn Glass, along with their mixer glass, gin glass and other whisky related gifts have always been big sellers here at Kilts Wi Hae. We love a family run business becoming a great big success story and are proud to be a stockist for those lovely folks!

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