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This week for our supplier spotlight we’re taking a step away from our “normal” array of highland wear and homeware to show off something proper different! This week we’ll be showing off some of the intriguing products on offer from Gingko!
 Gingko Light Brown Maple Click Alarm Clock Radio
Gingko takes its name from the tree of, almost, the same name. The Ginkgo tree, one of the oldest types of tree on Earth. These trees are incredibly versatile with leaves that can be used for things like tea. With a name taken from nature, it’s unsurprising that they’ve made it so they’re very environmentally conscious.
 Gingko Walnut Brown With Green LED Dispay Square Cube Click Touch Travel Clock
Gingko Designs was founded by newly married husband and wide team Paul and Natalie Sun. Their goal was to create a range of products that could live up to the tree’s name, versatile products which can stand up to the test of time. Design, quality, time, as they say!
 Gingko Bamboo Wood Accordion Style Wireless LED Desk Travel Lamp
For 9 years Gingko has been innovating and creating brilliant electrical and lighting products that continue to intrigue and impress all over the world! Forward thinking designs have led to a great range of homeware and gifts that continue to wow and amaze with their simplistic approach that translates into an unforgettable addition to any home.
 Gingko Matte Black Mini Halo One Bluetooth Speaker
Gingko designs use minimalism to their advantage creating something that will never look out of place but will stand out enough to catch the eye. The main products on offer include lights and lamps with the star of the show being the Book Light. The Smart Book Light acts just like the name suggests, it’s a book but smarter. Open the front page and it reveals a stunning light. Winning multiple awards from all over the globe it’s a testament to their design philosophy.
 Gingko Mini Walnut Brown Wood Wireless Smart Travel LED Book Light
At Kilts Wi Hae, Gingko has been impressing customers since they went onto the shop floor! The book lights have been making great presents for a lot of lucky people and closer to Christmas, the click clocks were big sellers! You can view the entire Gingko range at the link here.

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