Sporrans and Chains

 The Sporran

Since Highlanders didn't have any pockets in their kilt they needed something to carry their bits and pieces in - including the lead shot for their muskets - and the earliest sporran was a plain draw-string bag of cloth or thin leather that was hung around the
waist. More affluent Highlanders decorated their sporrans with a silver top and tassels.

   As time went on the sporrans became even fancier and by the late 1800s the sporan molach or hair sporran appeared — made of animal skins such as cow, otter, badger, goat and seal. In Victorian times the sporrans got so huge and fancy that they almost covered the front of the kilt.

These days most sporrans are made from Bovine Skin or Pony Skin as the materials used have to be from sustainable and ethical sources. Therefore it is now very rare to find a sporran made from otter, badger or fox. As these skins can only be used if it can be proved that the animal die of natural causes or in an accident! We have however come across Polar Bear and Black Bear before now! All of our sporrans are made from sustainable and ethically source materials.

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