Unique Abbeyhorn Game of Thrones Medium Ox Horn Tankard Soldiers Mead Mug Cup

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Made by the same craftsman that makes all the horn products for "The Game of Thrones"

Beautiful medium sized tankard made of solid horn, is available in a natural rough finish or a polished finish.
Finished with a solid wood base. These tankards measure 16cm - 18cm tall and weight approximately 240g - 260g.
Volume varies as the horn varies - holds approx 450ml - 600ml / 16 fluid oz - 22 fluid oz
The base of the horn tankard is sealed with the wood so that they are suitable for use with cool liquids.
Perfect for a cool beer on a sunny scottish afternoon, would make a great best man / groom gift.
Each tankard is as original as the horn that it is made from.
 Please note we cannot guarantee a colour but will do our best to provide the nearest we can. 

If thinking of this product for Christmas we urge early ordering no matter how many we order we always run out !

Please note the plaques in the pictures are not available for purchase.

ALL Abbeyhorn tankards are branded on the base.