Traditionally Handcrafted Ox Horn Bugle Trumpet Hunting - 3 sizes Available

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Ox Horn Bugle

The ox horn bugles are available in three sizes

Medium : 29cm (11") approx, weighing approx 300g

Large : 42cm (16") approx, weighing approx 475g

Extra Large : 72cm (28") approx, weighing approx 1400g

All sizes and weights are approximate as these horns are made from natural ox horn so each one is slightly different and unique.

The horn bugles come with a leather carrying strap attached to the horn.

Made by one of the last and most skillful horn craftsfolk in the country - Abbeyhorn who have been carefully making horn products since 1749.

These horns DO work but it does take a bit of practice.

Each bugle is as original as the horn that it is made from, no two are the same.