Traditional Scottish Hunting Highland Sporran Full Musquash Head Pelt

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A superior sporran the Musquash Mask Sporran is a popular choice, featuring a beautiful soft pelt.

For those who really want the raw, historical feel of a traditional Scottish outfit you can buy what is known as a full mask sporran.

These are made from the fur of a single animal - complete with head.

Full mask sporrans were extremely popular in the Victorian era a time when sporrans become much more elaborate and progressed on from the simple leather pouch.

All the skins used for these sporrans are ethically sourced, and are either left over from the game and farming industries, road kill, or have died a natural death.

This sporran is handmade by experience sporran manufacturers.

It is made using the highest quality materials to a very high standard.

Each sporran is fully lined with a contrasting suede to match your sporran. With detachable keyring, cash pocket and bank card pocket.

Hard wearing grained leather back with soft sides to allow easy access.

Comes complete with matching sporran chain strap free of charge.

Made in Scotland by Margaret Morrison's of Perth - one of the finest sporran makers in the land.

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