Tasteful Tartans Luxurious Auld Lang Syne Tartan & Black Suede Clutch Bag Purse

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This Auld Lang Syne (Grey) tartan clutch is a perfect evening bag – simple and elegant.

It is lovingly hand-crafted in Scotland, using only the highest quality materials.

Fine black leather piping frames the tartan, which is itself carefully chosen and precisely positioned, to appear at its very best.

The inner lining is suede, in a complimentary black colour, which looks fabulous when the bag is open, and you can view the tartan and suede together.

With your keys and makeup in the main body of the bag, and a separate zip pocket at the back for money and valuables, your mobile phone will be safe and secure in the full-width front pocket.

Size -16 x 26 x 4 cm

Materials - 100% wool, suede lining & leather piping