Silver Stag Scotland Stunning Polish Pewter Tartan Sword Kilt Pin & Cufflink Set

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This stunning polished pewter kilt pin set featuring Silver Stag of Scotland's unique tartan will add the final flourish to any kilt.

Silver Stag of Scotland is what is known as a Community Interest Company or CIC for short.

This means that they are a social enterprise and want to use their profits and assets for the public good.

Their sole purpose is to help serve the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in society.

Silver Stag of Scotland supports Stand International, which has a long history of providing help and support to those with fewer opportunities here in Scotland, and in more recent years to those in need in Belarus, Ukraine, Romania and Ghana.

The Stand tartan is designed with these countries in mind.

Kilts Wi Hae is proud to support Silver Stag of Scotland in their endeavours to make the world a nicer place.

Measures: 8cm x 4cm

Material: Solid Pewter