Quality Heavy Duty Kilt and Highland Outfit Carrier / Travel Bag

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Designed to be both stylish and practical, they are constructed to the highest standards from hard-wearing polyester.

This Kilt  Bag offers everything and more in one carrier:

  • Kilt hanging without folding or rolling on a unique kilt clamp hanger. 
  • Shirt and jacket on secure hangers, again no folding.  
  • Two generous zipped pockets for shoes, sporran, flashes, Sgian dubh, belts, socks, toiletries, etc.
  • Has a small discreet velcro pocket on the bag which is ideal for a mobile phone. 
  • An Economical way to transport your kilt, easily carried as hand luggage on an aircraft.(Remember never take your Sgian Dubh as Hand Luggage - Airlines don't take kindly to it!!)
  • Contains three hangers in total - 1 kilt clamp and 2 shirt / jacket hangers.
  • 3 year craftsmanship guarantee.

Supplied with adjustable shoulder strap, carry handle, wardrobe hook, quality brass padlock and identification tag.

These bags are also available in Highland Green and Balmoral Blue - please email sales@kiltswihae.co.uk for details

The picture really does not do this fantastic bag the justice it deserves.