Plain Black Leather Sporran Suspenders - Lose the Chain

Plain Black Leather Sporran Suspenders - Lose the Chain

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Pair of black plain leather sporran suspenders which offer a fantastic alternative to the more traditional sporran chain.

 These items are simply looped through your belt and clip your sporran in place.
If you find that your sporran does not sit correctly - sometimes you can find that it is because your body shape does not suit a traditional sporran chain. These straps sit at the front of your kilt with one strap either side of your belt - this gives you the correct positioning of your sporran without all the fuss that you can have with a sporran chain.
These straps are also a lot more secure than sporran chains when it comes to the unfortunate pick pockets (sporrans!) when travelling abroad.
 Perfect for our tartan army.


  • High quality solid 100% leather construction

  • Hard wearing leather straps

  • Secure clips to attach belt to sporran at each end

  • 1 yrs guarantee

  • Free UK Delivery, subsidised Overseas delivery.