Oak Wood Scottish Whisky Barrel Tasting Set with 4 Glencairn Glasses & Water Jug

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The ultimate whisky tasting accessory!

This beautiful barrel lid comes with a lazy susan so it can be easily spun around and accessed by your guests.

A map of the Whisky areas of Scotland has been laser engraved in the centre.

Four glencairn whisky tasting glasses and a jug (included) each sit on Harris Tweed inserts.

This is our large version and is approx 40cm in diameter - a smaller version is available with two glencairn glasses and a jug.

Reza Wood Designs specialises in Whisky Barrel Gifts all carefully crafted from the staves of Oak Scotch Whisky Barrels no longer required by the distilleries.

They take these staves and lids and transform them into gorgeous gifts for any occasion.

As each stave is different this makes each Reza wood product unique.

Most still have a distinctive scent of the golden nectar once contained.