Lovely Scottish Heathergems Round Heather Bead Bracelet

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Round Heathergem Bead with Plated Bracelet.

Supplied in a gift box with a story card on how Heathergems are made.

Heathergems are unique and no two are ever exactly the same.

Handcrafted in Scotland.

Heathergems are made using natural hand cut Scottish highland heather.

It is then dyed, compressed, cut to shape, laquer and polished to make beautiful highland heathergems.

Dimensions: Plated Bracelet is 7.5 Inches in Length.

Note: We cannot guarantee the colours/patterns of your brooch as each item is unique.

No two are ever the same! We have tried to make this easier by going with three base colours - each will have other colours in with it but it give us a guide to the colour you would like.