Kabloom Guerrilla Gardening Seed Bomb Bees Wilderbom - Save the Bees - Pastel Flowers

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Go on - liven up those bare patches of concrete in the urban areas in our towns and cities.

Help our struggling bees and butterflies to find pollinating flowers in the concrete jungles... Give life to neglect waste land and help create floral havens for our wildlife.


Our new Wilderbom contains a mix of perfect pastel flower seeds inspired by botanical illustration.

Bring some calming floral harmony to unloved spaces.

Pull the pin and throw or drop Seedboms into areas that are in need of brightening up.

Seedboms like bare soil, natural light and to be kept damp whilst growing.

Full instructions are included on inside of each Seedbom sleeve.

Made from biodegradable, compostable and organic materials.

Created in the Scotland, UK.

Seedboms will biodegrade into the environment, leaving only plants So go on try a little guerrilla gardening - and if you don't feel brave enough, they work equally well in the comfort of your own back yard or garden.

Weight - 135 g

Size - 115 x 115 x 85 mm