Glencoe Scottish Land Plot - Join Scotland's Lairds, Lords and Ladies of Glencoe

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Laird’ is a descriptive title traditionally afforded to Scottish landowners or, more commonly, by those living and working on the estate.

Laird is a Scottish word and is simply the Scottish form of the English ‘Lord’.

The female equivalent is ‘Lady’.

When you buy your gift-pack from Highland Titles, you will obtain a personal right to your plot of land, complete with a precise Ordnance Survey grid reference.

Whilst people are free to refer to themselves as Lairds, it is only those who own land in Scotland that have a genuine reason to do so.

You may style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe.

Your plot of land forms part of the Keil Hill estate, Glencoe Wood which is proudly run as a Highland Titles Nature Reserve.

The Lairds, Lords and Ladies of Glencoe take great pride in the project that is made possible with their support.

Should you choose to visit the land, you will see a great transformation taking place.

Easy to follow registration process to personalise the gift.

"This really is a super gift" Lady Lindsay Ritchie of Glencoe - Director of Kilts Wi Hae