Fabulous Dress Sgian Brew with Basket Weave Effect Handle and Celtic Knot Detail

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Sometimes we kilt wearers travel where weapons are discouraged. Not to fear! The Sgian BREW is here! This beautiful alternative to the classic Sgian Dubh features a bottle opener in place of the usual blade, offering you a safe alternative, as well as a handy tool for opening your favourite beverages. This stunning Black and chrome sgian brew features a basket weave design on the black resin handle which also continues onto the chrome detailing. With a stunning celtic knot handle the Sgian Brew will still look the part once secured in your kilt hose. Made in the UK. It features a bottle opener instead of a blade to pass through security easily and to open your favorite beverage even easier! Measures: 13.5cm x 3.5cm Complete with gift box.