EnviroTrend Enviromentally Friendly INside Out Umbrella Brolly - Pink, Red, Grey or Blue

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Our INside OUT Umbrella is just like a normal umbrella only SO much better!

Opens like a normal umbrella.

Won’t get stuck in doorways or over the car door.

Stay dry in the car or at the office: The Inverted Umbrella opens from the inside out, which leaves the wet side of the canopy contained on the inside when closed.

Think of it like a flower opening.

Self Standing Umbrella: Once you collapse it it stands by itself.

High Quality Double Layer on the Inside: The reversible umbrella is made of high density water repellent fabric material.

C-shaped Handle: The handle on this reverse folding umbrella is shaped in a way that will leave your hands free for holding a baby or using a mobile.

Available in pink, red, blue or grey.

The philosophy of EnviroTrend® is to reduce unnecessary waste by spreading the environmental message through creative design and quality environmentally friendly products. EnviroTrend® is all about taking the hassle out of reducing plastic bag usage with practical, affordable and compact products.