Deluxe Jacobite Jacobean Ghillie Shirt - Black. Own Brand. 7 Sizes Available

Deluxe Jacobite Jacobean Ghillie Shirt - Black. Own Brand. 7 Sizes Available

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Brand New "Kilts Wi Hae" Jacobean Shirt

After years of being disappointed with quality and supply we decided to cut out the middleman.

We are very proud to bring you our Jacobite Shirt. The Jacobite "Culloden" shirt first became known prior to the Battle of Culloden (1746).

The garment has truly established its place in the highlandwear clothing market and few would disagree that their kilt outfit would be complete without a Jacobite Culloden Shirt.

Top quality Jacobite shirt (sometimes called a ghillie shirt, or jacobean shirt) in "peach feel" microfibre for easy-wash and ironing, with rust-proof eyelets, and fully finished thick real leather tie.

Microfibre is a polyester mix which is warm and cool to wear as it adjusts with your body temperature, helping to negate sweaty episodes

Jacobite shirts are designed to be loose-fitting and very comfortable.

The sleeves are traditional straight cut, with double button cuff for perfect adjustment.

The neckline has a fastening of rush proof metal eyelets and 100% leather cord, which removes easily for washing.

Shirts of this quality are Retailing at £38 - £40.

Sizing Guide Small - Chest 48" (123cm) Sleeve 25" - Recommended for 34" - 38" Chest

Medium - Chest 50" (126.5cm), Sleeve 26 - Recommended for 38" - 40" Chest

Large - Chest 52.5" (131.5cm), Sleeve 26 - Recommended for 40" - 42" Chest

Extra Large - Chest 54" (166.5cm), Sleeve 26 - Recommended for 42" - 44" Chest

2X Large - Chest 56" (141.5cm), Sleeve 26 - Recommended for 46" - 48" Chest

3X Large - Chest 58 " (146.5cm), Sleeve 26 - Recommended for 48" - 50" Chest

4X Large - Chest 60" (151.5cm), Sleeve 26.5" - Recommended for 50" - 52" Chest

Should you require any help with sizing or colours please email us on