Deluxe Heavy Duty Kilt and Highland Outfit Carrier / Travel Bag - The Kilter

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This is one of the very best on the market at the moment.

Designed to be both stylish and practical.

They are constructed to the highest standards from a heavier hard-wearing polyester than the standard kilter.

This Kilter  - 4 Pocket Bag offers everything and more in one carrier:

Kilt hanging without folding or rolling on a unique kilt clamp hanger.

Shirt and jacket on secure hangers, again no folding.

Two generous zipped front pockets (one with an external flush pocket) for sporran, flashes, Sgian-dubh, belts, socks, toiletries, etc.

One large back pocket at the base of the bag for your ghillie brogues

Has a small discret velcro pocket on the back which is ideal for a mobile phone or storing the hanging hook.

Fully lined with an elasticated holding strap to keep your kilt, jacket and shirts flat.

With two clips at the base of the bag which clip to the top of the bag it is easy to fold in half for travelling, fits all airline regulations. Once on board can be opened up again and stored flat to ensure minimum folding of kilt. This is the ultimate cool way to transport your kilt, easily carried as hand luggage on an aircraft.(Remember never take your Sgian Dubh as Hand Luggage - Airlines don't take kindly to it!!)

Contains three hangers in total - 1 kilt clamp and 2 shirt / jacket hangers.

Supplied with adjustable shoulder strap, carry handle, wardrobe hook, brass padlock and identification tag

3 year craftsmanship guarantee.  

These bags are available in Black, Highland Green, Balmoral Blue and Black - we carry these colours in stock at ALL times

Over the many years that Kilts Wi Hae have been in business we have tried numerous brands of kilt carrier, "The Kilter" is by far the superior. Designed and made by a company that truly believes that quality and versatility are key to every design.