Chloe Gardner Designer Feather Print Puffin Mug Cup with Mother, Father and Egg

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A beautiful mug featuring a fluffy feather print puffin.

The mugs are hand decorated in the UK and has a stunning feature puffin on its front and mummy and daddy puffin with egg on the rear.

The original pictures are created using feathers giving it a fantastic depth and texture which is shown in all of these prints.

Chloe Gardner's designs are inspiring and are designed to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Many of her originals are made using feathers, leaves and flowers while others are painted in bright uplifting colours.

Chloe's inspiration comes from the beauty of Scottish nature observed from her home in the woods and on the beach near Edinburgh, mixed with Brazilian joie de vivre from the 5 years she lived on a beach in Brazil.

Dimensions: Height 10cm x Diameter 9cm 100%

Fine bone china hand decorated in the UK.

Dishwasher safe.