Calzeat of Scotland Black & White Runic Carcant Celtic Jacquard Wool Scarf

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Runes are the mystical alphabet used by ancient European tribes 2000 years ago to name place and things, attract luck and fortune, provide protection, and magically divine the course of future events.

The tools of the time such as the axe, knife or chisel could not easily be used to form curved lines, so Runic letters were formed with straight lines only.

Virtually all of Europe used them at one time, but today they are best remembered for their use by the ancient Norse, The Vikings.

The oldest known form and arrangement of Runic letters, the Elder Futhark runes, are estimated by the British Museum to have been in use by the Vikings around 200 A D.

The Runic alphabet is phonetic, each letter represents a sound, so double consonants are not used.

Our Carcant colourway is a classic combination of Black and White.

This scarf can be worn as a casual or formal accessory.

Size: 35 x 180 cms Including Fringes Composition: 45% Wool/55% Acrylic