Brilliant Black Quality Bubble Honeycomb Top Piper / Pipeband Hose Kilt Socks

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The Piper Kilt Hose takes its look and texture from the classic “Bubble” top hose, however it is integrated into the sock as an extended turn over section. The length of the turn over section can be adjusted to meet individual’s needs and requirements.

The Piper Kilt hose cross stitch section expands up to 12” dependent on hose size. This allows the turn over section to turn over up to 3 times to produce a “roll” section at the top of the Hose. Alternatively turnover twice for an elongated look.

The Piper Kilt Hose have become increasingly popular amongst individuals and especially band members. These Hose are made by the suppliers of Hose to the World Famous “World Pipe Band Champions” Field Marshal Montgomery. These Hose are definately one of the best on the market at the moment.

They have a toe seam for extra strength, feedback from the pipeband's that we supply is that they are much more durable and comfortable than the normal Hose.

Knitted in 80% acrylic with 20% nylon added to enhance performance.

Available in 4 different sizes: Small 4 - 7 Medium 8 - 10 Large 11 - 13 XL 14 - 16

There are many many cheap, imported imitations on the market at the moment but none which come anywhere close to these real deal Hose.

Made in the UK - supporting local economies. 

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