Ghillie and Day Brogues

The Ghillie Brogue
Ghillie Brogues are thought to be the basis of the modern wingtip or brogue, but lack a tongue and have extra-long tasseled laces which tie around the ankle. These features were originally for practical reasons. When walking through sodden bogs, one could easily lose his shoe in the muck. Laces tied up high around the ankle helped prevent this. In addition, the pattern of holes (decorative today) and the absence of a tongue were designed to allow water to effectively drain from the shoe.

How to Tie Ghillie Brogues: Tie a normal loop and tighten the laces. Twist 3-6 times. Pull the laces round your ankle and bring to the front. Tie into a normal knot (or double knot). The knot can be worn to the front or the outside of the leg.
All our Ghillie Brogues are made in Scotland.