Gents Measurement Guide

(For some unknown reason this page can sometimes be a bit slow to download -please be patient as it is worth the wait.)

People come in all shapes and sizes and measuring them can sometimes be a bit of a challenge! The secret is to make sure that you are relaxed and standing straight, looking straight ahead and not down at the measuring tape.
Try to make sure they are not sucking in their stomach or holding their breath. There is no point in making a made-to-measure garment which only fits when you are wearing a corset!

 When measuring for your kilt have a good think about how you wish the kilt to sit when you are wearing it. If you will feel more comfortable with a kilt that sits at your waist this is fine - measure from where you want the kilt to sit when you are measuring the length. If you wish for a traditional high fit then add an extra two inches to the rise (length) as prompted.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us for some advice - we can even talk you through measuring if you are still unsure.


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