Ugears VM-02 Motor Bike Wooden Model Construction Kit

Ugears VM-02 Motor Bike Wooden Model Construction Kit

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Feeling like you’ve been quite a couch-potato lately?

Has life been a bit too comfortable and twice as boring?

Drop it now – because the spirit of the road is calling upon you.

Get your leather jacket on and absorb the exhilaration of total velocity with the bold and beautiful Bike from Ugears.

The Bike VM-02 is driven by a powerful rubber band motor that makes the motorcycle ride for as much as 3 meters in one winding.

The energy produced by the motor is transmitted by a belt drive to the mechanism.

The design of the Bike allows you to observe the work of the mechanism, including the moving pistons that look absolutely fascinating.

Model size: 10.1*3.3*4.1 in (25.8*8.4*10.5 cm) Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.2 in (37*17*3 cm) - Number of components: 189 - Estimated time of assembly: 3-4 hours - Level: Medium