The Big Cheese The Big Vegan Cheese Homemade Cheese Making Kit - Dairy Free

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These dairy free cheese recipes have been developed to get as close to the ‘real thing’ as possible.

Working with vegan friends who have all been largely disappointed by shop bought vegan cheese (a lot of which is based on coconut oil and water…yuck!) our recipes use either Cashews or Macadamia nuts, and a little Almond milk.

Your Vegan Cheese Making Kit is a simple and fun introduction to cheese making. It contains all the ingredients you need to make six varieties of vegan cheese in your own kitchen with no fancy equipment. You’ll be surprised at how quick and simple it is and how good it tastes! With these 6 different dairy free cheeses to make across 20 batches it’s enough to keep everyone in cheese for quite some time!







For each cheese you get wonderful recipes such as Vegan Chocolate Cake with Ricotta Icing, and Fried Halloumi with Caper Salad.

All the recipes were created in-house by Ailsa. There’s enough ingredients to make 20 batches.

There’s no need to make it all at once though… that would be a crazy amount of cheese!

Stored in your cupboard this kit will last absolutely ages (well over a year) so you have plenty of time to enjoy it and dip in and out of cheese making.

Packaged in an environment where trace elements of nut may be found. Ingredient List: Anhydrous Citric Acid 70g, Organic Sea Salt 100g, Agar Powder 100g, Tapioca 100g, Nutritional Yeast 100g, Dried Basil 10g, Dried Paprika 10g, Lemon pepper 10g Item Weight: 610g. Product Dimensions: 24 x 12 x 15 cm