Beautiful Angel's Share Whisky Whiskey Angel Gift - Made In Scotland

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The Angel's Share
"The Angels' share" is a term for  the share of a distilled spirit's volume that is lost to evaporation during the ageing process,whilst the whisky is in it's cask 
The Angels' Share Whisky Angel is a truly unique piece of hand blown glass. Hand blown in Scotland by Master Craftsman Tom Young.  
Every single Angel is uniquely designed to hold this single malt whisky through a secret process known only to the skilled craftsman who created it.
Tom Young captures this divine measure of whisky and presents it in the striking Angel’s Share Whisky Angel, which is filled with 30ml of 40% volume single malt. 
This truly is a special gift to give… and keep. 
Presented in a lovely gift box
30ml of Whisky is within the permitted amount of liquid for air travel, so it can be carried in hand luggage.



We sell lots of lovely gifts and accessories here at Kilts Wi Hae, this Angel truly is one of our favourites.

A stunning piece of work which holds that divine Angel's Share.