Celebrating St Andrew’s Day

Celebrating St Andrew’s day in style.

Each year St Andrew’s day seems to come and go, let us celebrate in style our wonderful heritage and culture. The 30th of November is treated just as any other normal day by most of us, but not here at Kilts Wi Hae. Let’s celebrate St Andrew’s, let’s make it a national holiday, let’s have a cake, let us all wear tartan and saltires and be proud of our own special day.

So why should we still mark this occasion? Who was St Andrew?

St Andrew’s day is the day dedicated to celebrating the Scottish patron saint Andrew. However very little is actually known about the events of Andrew’s life. Many different accounts of his life have been given, but with such variation in these tales and his life having been so long ago, it is virtually impossible to fully understand who St Andrew was and what he did for the world.

He was said to have been a fisherman and one of Jesus’ disciples. He was involved with the ‘Feeding of the Five Thousand’; this gave him the reputation of helping those in need. His trade allowed him to help feed the population of Greece in times when there was a lot of poverty.

Andrew was a very curious man who had a love for travel. During his travels he was captured and taken to be ‘sacrificed to the gods’. He was hung on the 30th of November on a X-shaped cross.

Legend has it that some of his remains are now in the Scottish town of St Andrews (giving the town its name).



St Andrew was first recognised as the patron saint of Scotland in 1320 at the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath.


Despite not being Scottish, St Andrew became a fitting patron saint for Scotland due to his personality and traits – those of which are prominent in the Scottish culture and its people. The spirit of St Andrew lives on in the Scottish residents who are known for giving such warm and friendly welcomes to those who are lucky enough to visit their beautiful country. Scotland is also known for its charitable nature and desire to help those in need, just as St Andrew did.

Traditionally the day celebrates Scottish culture with friends, food, drinking and dancing.

So this year let’s remember St Andrew and embrace our patriotism!




Shopping online this Christmas- Tips from the Retailer

Every year, more and more customers are opting to do their Christmas shopping online from the comfort of their own home. Stress free online shopping in your PJs sounds much more appealing than wrestling your way through a crowd of fed up shoppers, trying your best to keep your 5p paper bag from completely collapsing in the rain.

But after you order your parcel on December 4th and the parcel doesn’t arrive till after Christmas, you wonder if maybe you should have just made the effort to trek into town.

This year take the worries out of online shopping with these tips from the retailer – guaranteed to protect you and your purchases online.

  1. Make sure the websites you are buying from are secure. Websites should start ‘https://’, the ‘s’ in this part of the address stands for secure. All retail websites should legally have direct contact details. Physical address, telephone number and direct email address should be readily available on their website. If they are not think twice about your purchase, as you may not be buying from who you think you are.


  1. If using a platform like eBay or Amazon to buy your Christmas goodies then make sure you allow sellers to email you about the orders. By opting out of emails from sellers this can make it very difficult for them to get in touch with you should there be an issue with an order. Order errors can happen so be understanding when they do – chances are that it is a small business handling your order, a normal human just doing their job and probably run off their feet 🙂


  1. Make sure when paying for items online that the webpage has the lock symbol; this verifies your payments are secure. We personally always recommend using PayPal, Google or Amazon pay as they have fantastic buyer protections set up so if there is a problem they can help you out very quickly.


  1. If buying direct from a Facebook post – ALWAYS check that the business is legitimate. They should have a legitimate website, good reviews and be contactable. NEVER EVER EVER buy anything online using PayPal friends & family – if there is an issue PayPal will not cover you. If a business asks you to pay outwith a legitimate business platform think very carefully – IF there is a problem how will you get it resolved. Paying that slightly higher price for an item may be worth not having to chase suppliers for goods which have not arrived.


  1. Be sensible about delivery options and times. Don’t order something on the 22nd of December and select standard delivery and still expect your item to be delivered before Christmas day – be realistic!


  1. Be prepared! Save the last minute panic and start your shopping now. Giving yourself at least a full month to get all your presents. This will also help spread the cost.


  1. Be aware when buying on big platforms such as eBay and Amazon that it may be small companies you are dealing with and not large organisations. Although it is great to buy and support these smaller companies, remember that this sudden increase in demand may mean there are delays in your parcel being sent out.


  1. Be aware that the company you have bought from may not be responsible for any delays in delivery. During the lead up to Christmas the excess volume of mail can slow down the mail systems. The weather during winter can be unpredictable and slow down delivery services as well.


  1. Enjoy!! We often focus on the panic of being prepared for Christmas and can easily forget that Christmas is supposed to be a happy time to spend with your family. This year, enjoy yourself, pop your feet up and enjoy looking for things you know will put a smile on your friends and families faces.

  1. Have a wee toast for all those retailers out there that went above and beyond to get your goodies to you quickly and who are probably now passed out on the sofa with exhaustion 🙂

Why not start now? Check out our website where you will find something to suit everyone!


Or if online shopping just still isn’t for you, pop your shoes on and come and see us at Kilts Wi Hae, you will always be greeted with a smile!



The Christmas Countdown is on – Our Top 5 Whisky Gifts

With the Christmas countdown well underway, the time has come to start planning what to get our nearest and dearest. Every year we love picking up the usual quirky Ladycrow silk scarves for Grandma,  Scottish jewellery for Mum and stunning leather handbags  for our Sisters. But as the Christmas Eve panic kicks in we are still trailing the shops trying to find something special for the men in our lives – I can’t just give him socks again!! This year treat your other half, Dad, Brother or Grandpa to one of these 5 lovely whisky gifts sure to keep a smile on their face all day.

1. At Christmas Countdown position number one is the first of our whisky gifts, the ‘I want to know whisky’ online experience. This gift pack features a personal membership card allowing you to discover the history of whisky production, the culture of the whisky industry and the secrets to serving the perfect Scotch whisky! Learn and show friends and family how to serve the perfect whisky over the festivities.

Display your success on completion of the online course with a lovely personalised certificate- at last an ology!

A great present for any whisky enthusiast keen to learn more about the industry.


2. At Christmas countdown position two we have this beautiful Angel’s Share Whisky Angel. This hand blown glass angel holds 30ml of 40% volume single malt Whisky. “The Angels’ share” is a term for the share of a distilled spirit’s volume that is lost to evaporation during the ageing process, whilst the whisky is in its cask. It’s the Angels’ not yours!

 A lovely Whisky gift that can be kept and won’t all be drank before the New Year!

The Christmas Countdown is on - Our Top 5 Whisky Gifts


3. At Christmas countdown position number three is this great present, prefect for sending to family and friends further afield, due to its protective leather travel case. The Glencairn leather travel set with two whisky tasting/ nosing glasses. The glass’s tapered mouth allows an ease of drinking not associated with traditional nosing glasses, while capturing that all-important bouquet. The wide bowl allows the fullest appreciation of the whisky’s colour and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand.

                The Glencairn glass’s unique shape has been crafted to allow whisky drinkers to savour and fully appreciate their fine whisky.


 The Christmas Countdown is on - Our Top 5 Whisky GiftsThe Christmas Countdown is on - Our Top 5 Whisky Gifts


4. At Christmas countdown position four is this stunning Darach Oak whisky dropper and Angel’s share jug gift set. Complete with a solid oak base made from recycled whisky casks, a diluting whisky dropper and hand blown water jug, this is a lovely set for the whisky connoisseur in your life. This set will allow them to serve the perfect strength whisky to suit all tastes.

The Christmas Countdown is on - Our Top 5 Whisky Gifts


5. At Christmas countdown position five is a stunning decanter – we have certainly saved our favourite till last!!

 This Pewter stag and Scottish Thistle glass pyramid crystal whisky decanter will be a gorgeous addition to the table on Christmas day. Everyone is sure to love this piece and its excellent quality. 

Perfect for serving your favourite tipple – bring in Christmas and the New Year in style!

The Christmas Countdown is on - Our Top 5 Whisky Gifts


Whatever gift you choose to give your family and friends this Christmas- with whisky involved, we are sure it will be a good one!

How to wear your kilt


Do you know how to wear your kilt properly? If you know someone wearing their kilt for the first time, you can send them this handy post to help them out 🙂 Our aim is to tidy up those that have a tendency to look like a sack of spuds !

Make sure you get your pants on first, yes, underpants, underwear, if you don’t your going to look mighty silly if you trip over – cover your bits with a pair.

Pop on your socks next, they are just like football socks, get them right up & slip those garter flashes on, they go directly under your knee in the smallest part & then fold the sock over the top.

Next, your sgian dubh, it slides into your sock up to the hilt, you put that in the sock on the side you write with.

Now the shoes, start by crossing the two laces as usual and pull tight. Twist the laces three times. Then pull tight again to produce a vertical thong about one inch long. Pass the laces round behind your ankle, and tie at the outside with the remaining lace and toggle left to dangle.

Now slip your shirt & tie or cravat on, hopefully you won’t find that bit too tricky! All our cravat / ruche ties are pre -tied so no need to take lessons via you tube.

Next – the most important bit – The kilt, the main thing is that the kilt waist has to sit above your belly button, place the pleated section to your back, take the right front side of the kilt by the strap & place across the front of your body & push the leather strap through the waist hole on the left side of the kilt & pull tight, put the buckle through the strap, note the hole number. Now take the left side of the kilt & place across the front of your body, push the top leather strap through the top buckle on the right side & in the same numbered hole as the inside strap.

The next thing for the kilt is to ensure that is centred on your body, in the main all kilts have a symmetrical pattern.

Sporran is next, there are two straps on the sporran like a giant watch strap, on the kilt there are normally two belt loops & each one of the straps goes through the rear of the kilt loops & fastens like a watch strap. The sporran centres up to the kilt & the top of the sporran should be around 4 inches (10cm) below the top of the kilt, or when you get the waistcoat on, should be about an inch below the bottom of the peaks. If you wear a belt, then the sporran should be about an inch (2.5cm) below the bottom of the belt.

Next is an easy peasy bit – pop the waistcoat on & fasten the buttons, slipping the jacket on next. If you need to fasten the jacket, then the correct button to do on a three button jacket is to fasten the centre button. To top off your outfit then fold your hankie into a triangle and pop into your top pocket for a little added bling.

Best of all is when you collect your kilt outfit, come into the store & try it on before your function, that way you ensure that

1. It fits

2. You know how to wear it

3. You have a smooth & easy function.  Kilt issue free partying until the early hours.

4. Every woman on the planet loves you 😉


We hope you have found this helpful – and if you have any queries please get in touch